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I sort of fell into the whole design thing through a natural evolutionary process, mostly coming out of my experience doing graphic design for The World Is Yours!, starting with Adobe PageMaker. At school, I hadn't really thought to myself, gee this is what I want to do in life, though now I wish I'd taken more classes with an artistic/aesthetic bent so that I could have developed my eye and design sense better. But since I fell into it and I have a decent knack for it, here I am, with this current web site, and past projects in both print and web design under my belt. I hope to keep getting better and better at this. Who know? Maybe I can make a profession out of it if I just keep plugging away at it.

I really enjoy when design comes together. Oftentimes I have to be extremely patient with this because it's often hard to get exactly what you want, especially in the web work, since I'm mostly self-trained (with support from designer friends of mine). But practice makes perfect, and I'm constantly trying to work on more projects and pick up some new skills at each step of the way. These days I am working towards developing my design aesthetic, so that people will be able to look at my work and go "Ah ha! This is a Ryan/Buddhahead Productions piece." Part of this aesthetic that I am working towards is to also ground this aesthetic in my heritage and cultural perspectives, without being tacky or kitschy.

In any case, in this section you'll find samples of some of my design work for your perusal. Enjoy!


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